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All submissions and correspondence will be done through email only to
Scientific Committee Coordinator

General Submission Guidelines:

  1. 1. All abstracts will be submitted to peer-review, coordinated by the Scientific Committee. Notification of acceptance/Rejection will be emailed to the corresponding speaker on (after the approval from Bahrain Health authority-NHRA ), together with further details and invitation letter

  2. 2. The thematic Topics on the website serve as inspiration but any submission outside these tracks will receive full consideration.

  3. 3. Abstracts must be in English. Non-English-speaking authors are encouraged to have their abstract checked for grammar and spelling.

  4. 4. Choose appropriate thematic Topics from the list. Please ensure you choose your areas and topics in order of relevance.

  5. 5. The acceptance of a submission does not imply any financial assistance, travel arrangements or accommodation. Speakers are advised not to arrange travel until acceptance notifications are sent on 15th/July/2022 via email

  6. 6. Accepted abstracts will be published in the abstract book and Conference Website.

Abstract Submission requirements:

The following requirements need to submit by email only:
  1. 1. Name of the Speaker, affiliation, present position, qualification, Hospital/institute Name and country.

  2. 2. Lecture Title: (Maximum 10 words) Titles exceeding the limit will be edited. The abstract title and text may not contain trade names. We reserve the right to replace trade names in accepted abstracts.

  3. 3. Lecture Duration: (45 Mins Maximum).

  4. 4. Lecture Abstract: (Maximum of 200 words), Lecture Abstracts must be structured, prepared in English language not exceeding 200 words, font size 12 in Times New Roman font and with double spacing , Scientific Committee reserve the right to edit abstracts, if necessary, for clarity, grammar, style, and length, the final presentation should cover the same content as described in the abstract.

  5. 5. Learning Objectives: (5 Objectives required).

  6. 6. Speaker's Short Biography:(Maximum 40 words).

  7. 7. speaker's Photograph (please check the image Submission guidelines below).

  8. 8. Speaker's Documents: The Following Documents are mandatory to be attached and sent via email along with the abstract -required for Bahrain Health Authority approval and Accreditation- : (i) Speaker’s full CV, (ii) Scan copy -mobile photo not accepted- of a valid Practice License , (iii) Scan copy -mobile photo not accepted- of the last academic degree (MSc, PhD , recognized board ), (iv) filled and signed speaker’s declaration from ( please download the declaration form from here ).

Image Submission Guidelines:

Because our scientific event is engaged in creating positive impact lifestyle and wellbeing, speaker’s photo is critical and mandatory to meet our branding requirement. therefore, we require the following personal image submission guidelines:
  1. New Image: unpublished photo, has not been used in previous Events.
  2. Cover: the shot need to be vertical or, if horizontal, croppable to a vertical format that will fit
  3. Format: images must be provided with a resolution of at least 300 dpi or greater, as a .tiff or .jpeg that can be reproduced at 1,650 pixels wide, or PDF format with Minimum Size 1 mb or greater.
  4. Portrait: half top body Portrait required with Bright, monochromatic and uncluttered background.
  5. body gesture: one of the following options require:
Option 1: staring off into space/looking away in office with a contemplative expression.
Option 2: Looking at the Camera with Arms Crossing in Front the Body.
Option 3: crossed arm portrait against an abstract background.

Guidelines for final presentation:

  1. 1. All presentations should be in English followed by questions if any.

  2. 2. The length of time allotted for each presentation depends on the overall length of the session and the number of speakers in the session. Please consider your timing carefully, as each session has a time limit assigned. Structure your presentation so that you present the main points and allow sufficient time for questions and discussions. There may not be enough time to go into all of the details, so please communicate only the most important points.

  3. 3. Please submit your presentation as PowerPoint or Keynote format to the AV control team inside the conference hall at least 3 hours prior to your presentation time, An AV technician will be available inside the conference hall to assist you and to load the presentations prior to the start of the sessions.

  4. 4. the conference stage screen will be LED Ratio is 16:9, Stage Size 16* 4, you will be provided on stage with pointer and neck mike or head mike.

  5. 5. For any withdrawals, please notify the scientific committee by email at least 1-month prior to the conference.

Should you have any questions or queries, contact us at